Anchorage to Seward, Kenai Peninsula 11 to 18 June 2017

Left Reykjavik airport at ten past five on Sunday afternoon 11 June and arrived in Anchorage international airport at ten past four the same afternoon, yes Icelandair work together with Doctor Who & the Tardis & they use time travel.

Watched two really great movies, that I can’t remember the name off, in the process of time travel my memory was wiped. What I do remember, however, was my first impression from Alaska as we flew in….. It was big,  green interspersed with white and it was big, huge mega, oh and I nearly forgot to mention it was big.

Tiggy Moon Dust on arrival all boxed up

Cleared immigration in record time & it was off to find my Airbnb …., close to downtown Anchorage. That turned out to be absolutely amazing. My host Jana was a chill laid back person. She lent me a bicycle to explore Anchorage with. This city has the most amazing network of nature trails crisscrossing the city. It was a beautiful way to explore & get to meet the locals. I love two wheels.

Got a mail from Roddy from moto freight saying that the bike had arrived. Cleared the bike in customs, they were really laid back, no hassle, went over to Fed Ex to get the bike but unfortunately, they closed at 3 pm. So,  had to come back the next day Tuesday. Bike was packed up good, took about an hour to unpack, but finally Tiggy Moon Dust was freed from her restraints and was ready to explore. Met up with George who was also unpacking his bike, a Honda CCM. We met up later for a pizza and a chat.

Left Anchorage on Thursday morning, 15 June, to go to Seward on the Kenai peninsula. How I managed to get there I will never know, it was really difficult to keep my eyes on the road, the scenery was out of this world, amazing.


Met up with Joe on the road down. He was riding a Harley pulling a camping trailer with the registration plate on the back reading “old fart”. He had just gone with retirement. Got the camping site, oh boy what a find. It’s name was Resurrection & it had the most breathtaking views that I have ever seen, and all this for 10 dollar a night, hot showers 2 bucks & bring your own soap & towel.  Had a good evening with Joe & a couple from Colorado on two BMWs. Whilst I was making me tea and Joe was making chicken & mashed potatoes, yep he had a kitchen in that trailer, whales decided to pop up in the lagoon beside the camping.


Went on a boat tour to see the glaciers and local marine wild life, that was really awe-inspiring but awfully cold. It was like being inside an episode off Natural Geography.


Tomorrow off down the Sterling Highway to Homer.


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