Who I am

I am Vince, I was born in a small fishing village in county Louth called Blackrock in Ireland. I was bitten at an early age by the travel bug. Spent my school years dreaming about far away places. Maybe it was the fact that my Dad was an engineer in the merchant marines before settling down to a shore based job.

Maybe it was the ebb and flow of the sea calling & beckoning to me, promising me palm tree lined beaches in far away places. Maybe it was the myriad of stars in the heavens promising mountains & valleys in far away places. Maybe it was my fascination for people, cultures & beliefs calling to me, from the myriad of books that I was reading, to share in their life for a moment in time.

I was also fascinated by two wheels, first a bicycle & when I was old enough to get a licence a motorbike. Then came the film easy rider and I just knew that that was the way to go. I evolved quickly though, in the bike world, realizing that choppers where a pain in the ass and where not gonna get me to the places that I dreamed about.

I have travelled by bike in many different countries, Europe, Morocco, Russia, Baltics, India, Nepal to name just a few.

These countries were done in company of a very good friend & travel companion Zsuzsa…. or just plain Susy, who when not playing her sitar, helping organizing Indian classical concerts or running her sci-fi & fantasy book business, jumps on the back of my bike to explore. I may post some photo’s later on face book from these journeys.

I travel always by bike. I currently own & ride a 2011 Moto Guzzi Norge and a 2014 Triumph tTger 800XC lovingly called, among other things, Tiggy Moondust and this is our story.